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21st May
Nepal Fundraiser - Free Dress Day

29th May
Reconciliation Week Liturgy

3rd June

ICAS - Science

5th June

Arts Council -
One Stop Rock Show

8th June

Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

17th and 19th June

St Joseph's Interhouse
Athletics Carnival

24th June

Under 8's Day
Artour - Squaring the Wheel
P & F Meeting 5.30pm

26th June

Thank You Liturgy
End of Term Two



St Joseph's Primary School in Millmerran was established in 1959 and originally staffed by the Sisters of St Joseph, an Australian order founded by Saint Mary MacKillop in 1866. The school was built with much voluntary labour and is regarded by the Catholic community with great pride.

St Joseph's caters for children from Prep to Year 6. The current level of student enrolments allows for close interaction between parents, students and staff. Our staff endeavours to foster a climate of meaningful learning, love, security and personal interest in each student.

As part of the Diocese of Toowoomba, the school is Catholic Education Officeadministered by the Toowoomba Catholic Education Office.

We invite you to peruse this website .... should we be able to assist you further, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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COMMUNITY NEWS   please refer to the newsletter for all the latest news and photos.....

Well done to Mrs Chappell, Mrs Sharp and the Prep/Year One's on their very moving and beautiful presentation of the Mother's Day Liturgy. All the Mothers and Grandmothers present were very touched!

Mothers' Day liturgy      Mothers' Day liturgy


Year 3 and 5 students sat the NAPLAN tests last week. Congratulations on all your efforts. The test results will be received towards the end of Term 3. These results provide valuable information to assist with the teaching and learning programmes within the school.

Formal Assembly will take place this Friday at 9am. On Friday 29th May Mrs Fitzgerald and the Year 5/6 students will present the Reconciliation Week Liturgy. Awards will be presented as normal. National Reconciliation Week runs from 27th May to 3rd June. The theme this year is: It's Time to Change It Up!

Good luck to William Nason as he competes in the 10 years boys Darling Downs Cross Country Trials on Tuesday 26th May at Kearney Springs in Toowoomba.

Our Family Mass for Term 2 will be led by the Year 5/6 class and will take place on Saturday 20th June at 6pm. Many jobs will be distributed to these students in the coming weeks so please notify Mrs Kristy Cameron if you are unable to attend this evening Mass. All families in the school are also encouraged to join us in prayer and celebration on this night.

St Joseph's is hosting the annual Under 8s Day on Wednesday 24th June. The theme this year is "Voices of Children - Look, Listen, Hear and Respond!" More details on this fantastic event will be given closer to the date. Please collect and bring along cardboard cylinders for one of the activities on the day.

Walk Safely to School DayWALK SAFELY TO SCHOOL DAY

The 16th annual National Walk Safely to School Day will be held on Friday 22nd May. All primary school children, along with their parents and carers, are encouraged to walk and commute safely to school. Until they are ten, children must always hold an adult's hand when crossing the road.



Sheep Races Meeting - Wednesday 24th June at 5.30pm.
P&F Meeting -Wednesday 24th June at 5.30pm.
Agenda items may be sent to Lynnda

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