Lower primary (Prep-Year 3)



Our lower primary students are currently taught in a Prep - 1 classroom and a Year 2 - 3 classroom. We value play based learning and our aim is to provide a hands on, holistic educational experience that sparka love of learning in young minds This is embodied throughout all curriculum areas.   

We provide flexible learning spaces that are used to enable our students to be successful learners.  

We acknowledge and understand that every child learns differently therefore we provide personalised learning goals for all students to achieve their potential.    

We have adopted a specialised program for understanding and regulating emotions and through other learning frameworks, we consciously encourage a growth mindset where mistakes are welcomed as an integral part of the learning process.  

Our targeted perceptual motor program supports students in developing their gross and fine motor skills and provides an opportunity to interact with children from other classrooms.  

More information about the relevant curriculum can be found at Learning F-2 | The Australian Curriculum or  Learning 3-6 | The Australian Curriculum.