At St Joseph’s we are committed to providing students with skills to live and participate in a multimedia world. We believe that excellent skills in technology are some of the most important building blocks for developing life-long learners. 

Computer technology provides rich, interactive learning environments for students, not only through use of ‘exploratory’ programs, which allow them to interact with information, but also with ‘constructive’ software which allows students to create and express their own creativity and develop their own information packages.  

Multimedia provides opportunities for differing approaches to learning, so that students’ wide range of individual learning styles is easily accommodated.  Information Communications and Technology (ICTs) is integrated into all Key Learning Areas (KLAs) with appropriate, up-to-date hardware available to students in every classroom.  There are a bank of iPads for use in the lower primary and 1-1 laptops for use in the upper primary.  Students in the upper primary have scaffolded learning opportunities to gain knowledge and skills in the use of Microsoft Teams and collaboration in a digital world.  

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