Vision, values and mission


With St Mary of the Cross MacKillop and St Joseph as our guides, we at St Joseph’s School promote high levels of learning for all students. St Joseph’s is a place where students live according to the example of Jesus as conveyed through the Gospels. At St Joseph’s we value justice and peace for all by living, loyal, respectful, diligent, patient and faithful lives.  


At St Joseph’s 

  • We value LIFE and embrace positive relationships by moulding compassionate and forgiving individuals.   
  • We value LOVE and believe  
    - that Jesus is the centre of our community 
    - children will grow in the knowledge of God’s love for them and see God in everything by their love and concern for others.   
  • We value LEARNING and foster
    the whole person in becoming a life-long learner
    education as a combined venture - child, parents/carers, teachers and the parish community 
    - an inclusive environment that ensures individuals reach their full potential.